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Projection Equipment

Conference Room Projectors and Projection Screens
Portable 1080p HD Projector

1080p DLP Portable Projector with Remote

1920x1080 Display Resolution

16:9 Native Aspect Ratio

3000 Lumens



  • HDMI

  • Component

  • VGA

Portable 720p HD Projectors

720p LED Portable Projector with Remote

1280x720 Display Resolution

16:9 Native Aspect Ratio

2400 Lumen Epson 

3000 Lumen ViewSonic



  • HDMI

  • VGA

Portable VGA Projectors

1024x768 Display Resolution


4:3 Native Aspect Ratio


VGA Input


Portable Projection Screens


4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratio Screens Available


PowerPoint Remotes

Next & Previous Slide Buttons


Built-in Laser Pointer


Blank Screen Button


Slideshow Start/Stop Button


USB Plug & Play. 


Windows or Mac


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