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About Us

Since 1983 BCSR has been providing computer equipment to businesses across the United States. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, projector or monitor rental, we’ve got a rental plan to meet your needs at very competitive rates.


BCSR offers multiple payment options, the ability to charge to specific departments or projects, and more. Renting equipment is only part of what we do, we also offer rapid swaps in the event that a piece of hardware fails, equipment and software upgrades, customized reports for rented equipment, and flexible billing methods.


We are centrally located in Kirkland, WA - Enabling quick and easy access to companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Boeing, Facebook, Google, etc.


Whether you need to rent a computer for a temporary employee or 30 laptops for a corporate training seminar, we have the hardware and software to fit your needs.


Call us today at (425) 823-1188 or send us your requirements from our Contact Us page.



BCSR is an approved Microsoft Vendor

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